Monergistic Conversion

*If God predestines some to salvation and others to hell before the foundation of the world, what is a lost person to do? Nothing. Is all pointless. This sermon addresses the practical questions that emerge whenever God's sovereignty in salvation is emphasized.
*God's sovereignty in salvation is a vital truth that must be proclaimed and understood, even by lost people. Lost souls need to know that they are helpless before God. This is what God uses to show them their need. And this is why Arminianism is pernicious. At the very point when sinners should be told that they are helpless and can't do anything to effect their own salvation, Arminianism steps in to "save the day" and provide them with an easy work to do, which they promise will secure eternal life.

"Monergistic Conversion" – Rom. 9:6-24

I. Ramifications for seekers
(Jn. 3:3-8; Jn. 6:41-44)

II. The chief obstacle to saving faith

III. Objections and answers

May 26, 2024
Sunday Service
Romans 9:6-24
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