The Wisdom of Solomon Chpt 1&2


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This is a study of God's Call for Wisdom. I am teaching about God's Wisdom in Proverbs.
Do you want to be a wise man or woman?
Do you want to be a wise husband or wife?
Do you want to be a wise father or mother?
Do you want to be a wise son or daughter?
Do you want to know how to identify wicked men or to be safe from the traps and snares of the Devil and this wicked world?
Do you want to know how to train up your children?
Do you want to what to Know?
God say's through Solomon the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom.
So do you want wisdom, then study this book and apply it every day.
If you will listen then you will learn wisdom.
If you share this with your family and friends and they commit themselves to the study of Proverbs they will be wise unto salvation, and walking the right way, and guided by the wisdom that comes from God.

So do you want wisdom? Then open Proverbs and learn Practical Wisdom for Everyday Living.
Read one chapter every day.

"The Pursuit of Wisdom is a lifelong endeavor that is only and finally achieved at the foot of the throne of God." Pastor Justin Pierce

May 21, 2017
Sunday - AM
Proverbs 1; Proverbs 2
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