What's a Living Sacrifice to Do?


After exhorting the Romans to be a living sacrifice to God, transformed by the renewing of their minds, Paul then describes what a living sacrifice is transformed to do. The Christian Presenting himself as a Holy, Living, Sacrifice to God is to give Proactive, Humble, Loving Service to God's People (in the local church). And this service is to be done in Humility (3-8), Love (9-16), and Peace (17-21).

Romans 12:3-21 – What's a Living Sacrifice to Do?
I. Serving in Humility (vv3-8)
----A. Humility Theme in Romans 12
----B. Humility Theme in Christian Life (v3)
---------1. Humility and Mind (v3)
---------2. Humility and Mind of Christ (Phil 2)
----C. Humility in Action Needed for Unity and Service (vv4-8)
---------1. Unity and Diversity (vv4-5)
---------2. Unity and Diversity in Action (vv6-8)
II. Serving in Love (vv9-16)
----A. Love Theme in Romans 12
----B. Love Theme in Christian Life (vv9-10)
---------1. Love and Mind (vv9-10)
---------2. Love and Mind of Christ (John 13)
----C. Love in Action Needed for Unity and Service (vv11-16)
III. Serving in Peace (vv17-21)
----A. Benefit of Doubt
----B. Battle for Unity

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Duration 51:09
Date May 21, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Romans 12
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