Even Jesus

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There are many names given in the Bible. Names of men, many names given for God as He often revealed to us some portion of Hs nature or power and was called a name that commemorated that truth… but the name that stands above every name in all the scripture, in fact in all of creation and eternity alike is the mighty name of Jesus. It is a name that divides friends and separates families. It cuts off those who honor it from the world that hates it. Pay attention to the way that people will act when you define Jesus as He defined Himself. The world is fine with us loving God - they do too, they are just not specific about the god they serve… but when you set yourself to follow after the Biblical Jesus, they will come unglued… this is not accidental and it is not circumstantial. It is evidential. They cannot love the Jesus of the Bible because their hearts are dead and dead hearts hate the living. Jesus is the author of life, and every fight to end life is a fight against Him, His power and His name. It is therefore a name that we must hold high and proclaim from every corner, rooftop, and mountain. Jesus IS Lord, and Jesus ALONE is Lord!!

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Duration 50:25
Date May 21, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 6:20
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