Jesus DESCRIBES The Reality of Eternal Hell

Staff PickFeatured on Jan 17, 2012

We need regular reminders that the most horrible doctrines in God's Word—the reality of an eternal Hell for those who do not believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ.

The amazing thing about Hell is how seldom we hear about it.

Jesus spoke more of Hell than Heaven—we speak more of Heaven than Hell.

Jesus warned of Hell from the start to the end of His ministry.

Jesus preached about the horrors awaiting the unsaved lost ones in public, in private, with saints and with sinners.

Jesus spoke much of it—we speak little of it.

This message is one of the devotional studies covered in the daily devotional book below: Living Hope for the End of Days--365 Daily Devotionals from the Book of Revelation.

Mar 13, 2005
Sunday - AM
Matthew 8:12
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