Jesus' Love For Mary & Martha

This message was preached at Sunnyhill Nursing Home in Tama, Iowa. The Love of Jesus for Mary and Martha, and their love for Jesus is seen in the deeply meaningful interaction which they had with each other in the three sections of Scripture that Ed reads in this message. Although Mary and Martha did not understand Jesus' purpose in waiting to come to them, when they sent to Jesus and told Him that Lazarus was sick, they still looked to Him in faith even though not understanding. Although they knew that He was able to raise their brother from sickness, they didn't realize that His purpose was to raise their brother from the dead. Their faith in Jesus was built through their interaction with Jesus and strengthened by the thought that they could bring their concerns to Jesus, which they did, when He came to them. Their interaction with Him when He did come to them, served to prove His love for Lazarus, and them, in HIs raising Lazarus from the dead.

May 19, 2024
Sunday Afternoon
John 11; John 12:1-6
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