Love Stronger than a Mother's

Featured on May 7, 2016

A mother's love is special, because she loves us even before we are born, and before we know her. Her love is sacrificial, and exercised in continual acts of lowly, personal service - feeding, cooking, cleaning, keeping house, etc.

Mothers rarely abandon their little ones, while sadly, fathers often do.

God's love for us is mainly described as that of a father's. Twice, though, God claims to love us as a mother loves her children.

In both instances, God's love is a consoling and comforting love, like that of a mother. God reminds us that He will not forget His little ones, even were it possible that a mother could forget hers.

Nobody can console like a mother can, but God! Not only does God console us - in fear, in grief, in loss - but He promises that we SHALL BE consoled!

One day, He promises, He will wipe away all tears from our eyes, when He takes away death and fear and pain!

How inexplicable is God's love for us! We are inferior, unlovely, unclean, rebellious, yet He still loves His people! He loves us even though we utterly failed in our duty to love Him.

Like a mother, God's love for His children precedes their own love for Him. His love is not mere words or feelings, but is like a mother's love: concrete, sacrificial action for our good!

Scoffers claim we believe God loves us because "the Bible tells us so." But the Bible not only tells us that, it documents God's love for us.

God's love is a great love in the face of our great sin. It is a gracious love, demonstrated through the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus to redeem and rescue us from certain fiery judgment.

God had no duty to love us, but He willingly did so to save us forever!

May 17, 2015
Sunday Service
Isaiah 66:13; Romans 8:38-39
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