[05/14/2023 PM] - "Nothing in My Hand" - Mark 10:17-22

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For the evening I would encourage you to return to Mark 10.17-22. This text continues the larger theme of "those who have nothing are the ones who receive the gift of salvation in the kingdom of God." First it was children, 10.13-17, and this theme will continue through blind Bartimaeus at the end of chapter 10. Please read and pray and be ready for a wonderful evening worship service with the King of the church leading us to richer truth.

Scripture Reading: Mark 10:17-22
Text: Mark 10.17-22
Sermon: "Nothing in My Hand

Theme: The Lord makes clear that only those who have nothing can receive everything

  1. The first words teach us that "receiving" is still the issue

  2. Question #1: Do you know God?

  3. Question #2: Do you know God's commandments?

  4. Question #3: Do you know which kind of person can receive salvation?

May 14, 2023
Sunday Service
Mark 10:17-22
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