The Faith of Sampson's Mother


I want to open up this passage up to us in relation to the faith of Sampson's mother. And so, let me make mention of 4 aspects of this woman's faith which I believe will be helpful, for not only the mothers among us here today, but all of us. I want to show you that faith is both a grace and a duty. It is something which we are granted by God in saving grace. And it is something which we exercise and work at, in living our Christian life. It is not only important that women and mothers have faith and exercise it in all the situations of life, but it is important for all Christian men to do the same as well.
We will learn this in relation to Manoah. For it appears that his wife's faith was even stronger and greater than his was. May the Lord help us to receive these truths as that which will strengthen our faith in the living risen Christ. If we do so, it will enable us to better minister to our family members, and even to people around us as well.

Sermon ID 51523157387860
Duration 41:22
Date May 14, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Judges 13; Romans 12:1-2
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