The World is Ripening for Judgment


How quickly what were considered rights and freedoms in the everyday affairs of society can, and have been, restricted and even removed. Where you can go, what you can buy, who you can be with, when you can do certain activities are no longer individual choices but are government controlled. As God has revealed what will be happening in the world as it nears His appointed time for the rapture of the church followed by the seven year tribulation there will have been an overt and obvious ripening for the judgment to come. Sin in the world has become shameless, blatant, openly defiant, having gone from tolerance to even a demand for approval. Such are the times at hand. Believers are to be aware of what is going on to not succumb to the pressures with fear or conformity and be all the more diligent to live lifestyles of trust in the Lord and obedience to Him. In so doing, with the certain hope foretold of what is to come, the believer then can be a witness and pleasing to the Lord no matter the changes in geography or landscape.

Sermon ID 515201454177797
Duration 1:01:03
Date May 10, 2020
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Matthew 24; Romans 1:18
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