First Fruits. His Resurrection. He will restore animals and humans. Annihilationism?

We start with a letter from Luke from Ohio. Luke always has good things to say.

How different are His parables. Are they true stories? We're talking about the parable of Nathan, and it's about animals. 1. Animals worship God. 2. Every creature made by God is good. 3. Every animal has a spirit and they all will be resurrected. But scholars will say that animals cease to exist. The Resurrection and The Life says I will make all things new. Death is the old. Life is the new. And it's all flesh. Who does that include? Revelation 4:11. God won't forget His animals. Why do most pastors despise the doctrine of the Immortality of Animals? And we continue with a lot of good proofs from scripture, and some good stories. The scholars will tell you that all memory of your animals will be erased from your mind.

We get into, how much antisemitism has happened in our life time? And how much more are we seeing today? And this is still in the discussion of the Immortality of Animals.

Parables testify of Christ. And we've circled back to Nathan's parable.

We go to John 11:25-26 and we're moving into first fruits. And in the dream of Abram in Genesis 15:17, as He along with the smoking furnace is passing between those divided animals and to show Abram how he can know he will inherit eternal life, He resurrects those animals and birds. This is the solution to Satan's accusation that God has no solution for sin. How much goodness does God have? Did He create everlasting beings? How much love does He have?

And at the end of today's class we have a test. Don't worry. Pastor makes sure you'll pass it. So, open your TestBook, pull out your notebook, and press play. We're back on June 9th!

May 12, 2024
Sunday Service
Genesis 15:6-17; Revelation 4:11
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