Sankey Sings 'God Be With You Till We Meet'

Staff PickFeatured on May 26, 2004

Far too often we forget the wonderful ways that God worked in the mighty revivals of old. We also forget the testimony of the men that God used. Mighty men. Men who prayed and preached under the power of the Holy Ghost. Through electronic means, some of these voices have been preserved so we can remember voices from the past.

D. L. Moody shared his evangelistic crusades with another gifted man; gospel-singer and hymn-composer, Ira David Sankey. Ira Sankey sang solos, led music, and even wrote hymns for Mr. Moody's Crusades. Mr. Sankey was a talented singer with a full baritone voice. Sankey's voice can be heard today through this recording made in 1899. This was the year that D. L. Moody died, and Ira Sankey sings 'God Be With You Till We Meet Again.'

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Editorial Comment: Some sermonaudio listeners have remarked how wonderful it is to actually hear Ira Sankey sing, and surely it is. But it is only fare to tell folks that his audio recording was very late in his ministry, and according to the history he had just had serious trouble with his throat, but he sang and was recorded any way. His voice sounds a little rough, and that is because of the throat trouble.

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