The Contrasting Lives of Uzziah and Isaiah

Sunday Evening Service – April 30, 2023 – Missionary Michael Rains

"Nothing Between" Lyrics and Music by Charles A. Tindley; Arranged by Lisa Rains

Special Music:
"Whosoever Will May Come" Lyrics and Music by Philip P. Bliss; Arranged by Ed Rea; Copyright 2003 by SoundForth

Sermon: "The Contrasting Lives of Uzziah and Isaiah" – Keys to Serving the Lord
Scripture: Isaiah 6; II Chronicles 26

Hymns used from the following:
Great Hymns of the Faith Brentwood Benson Publishing - CCLI License for live streaming
Soul Stirring Songs and Hymns - Sword of the Lord Publishers - used by permission from publisher

From the Media Ministry of Mukwonago Baptist Church
1610 Honeywell Road
Mukwonago, WI 53149

Apr 30, 2023
Sunday - PM
2 Chronicles 26; Isaiah 6
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