Left To ItSelf

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Left To ItSelf

Have you ever considered that your spiritual journey resembles the process and product of this neglected building?

The Inevitable End

This is an example of neglect... the inevitable end of what happens when we devalue the importance of cultivating and nurturing our walk with Jesus. Some of you may be on the verge of falling apart. Simply because what God has prioritized has been reevaluated by you to be less important. The product of not maintaining or consistently investing and reinvesting the right trust, time, and things in your relationship with Him can only lead to a spiritual disaster.

The problem? This building couldn't maintain itself. Neither can we… we need God — at work — in us — being Himself in, with, and through us. A yielded life is a yielding life of years of yearning for Jesus to be Jesus in and through us.

Transcending or temporary rewards… who and what do we live for?

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May 14, 2024
Sunday School
Proverbs 3; Psalm 17:4
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