The Value of Consistency

Consistency — Its Beauty and Blessings

Growing and Learning How To Be Stable, Sure, and Safe…

The Way of Your Mother

The principled way/law of your mother… (Proverbs 6:20)

Stability (the way)
Flexibility (mercy)
Credibility and Availability (truth)

We're walking through Proverbs and spent some time in Chapters 7, 6, and 3 on Sunday morning looking at the value of raising wise plants and pillars that are not in the dark or clueless (simple) on the wisdom and understanding of the ways of God. They need a principled way of living that gives them stability so they are not prey for the strange woman and her ways. Cheetahs and lions are looking for the wounded, weak, feeble, and frail for an easy meal. And our children will be eaten alive by this world if they have no stability, flexibility (mercy when we/fail), and the availability of truth to give them the solutions to get back on the way again. Solomon talks about not forsaking the law of your mother (6:20) nor forgetting the law of your father (3:1). The way or principled way of living that is stable, sure, and safe. But with all laws, we need to embrace mercy and express mercy (3:3) and truth gives us the wisdom to get back on the stable, sure, and safe path of walking in the fear of the Lord. A simple person (clueless of the Lord's ways) is like a feeble gazelle or wildebeest.

And anytime law is involved we need mercy and truth. The law provides stability, mercy provides flexibility and truth provides availability to see the path to walk, mercy is needed to recover when you stumble off the path, and truth to see the solution (wisdom (Proverbs 3:5-6)) on how to get back on the course again. (Proverbs 3)

God's rule

May 10, 2024
Sunday Afternoon
Proverbs 6; Proverbs 7
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