1 Peter 3 -Part 22- Preparation for Suffering

Here we look at this Christian wife belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ and has been given into the care and keeping of her husband. She is every bit as valuable to God as is her husband, and her standing in Christ is just the same as his, therefore his treatment of her is to reflect these truths. As this section ends we come to a wonderful summary of how we are to live as believers in whatever situations our loving Lord brings into our lives. Here we look at the wonder of God's care and attention toward those who are His. His eyes are toward the righteous, His ears attend to their prayer but His face is against those who do evil. But even though this is true, we still face very hard things in this life. This is a study of how we can reconcile the constant care of our loving Father, and the harsh, sad and difficult things we find facing us and battering us in this life. And if you suffer for the Lord, you are blessed. In many places in God's word we see God blessing people through allowing them to suffer for Him. It is a privilege to suffer for Him. But also, the Word tells us not to be troubled. Being troubled is human, but God has provided so that we need not be troubled when we use, by faith, His provisions for us. We are to keep a good conscience as we endure the persecution of those who hate our Lord and His gospel message, and as we look to Him for the grace to conduct ourselves honorably.

Apr 7, 2019
Sunday - PM
1 Peter 3:15-16; Hebrews 13:18
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