06 - Chapter 4 Calvin's First and Second Uses of the Law


The Reformers, retaining the fundamental view of the law as promulgated by the medieval Church, but reacting against Romish legalism, and the (largely imagined) antinomianism of the Anabaptists, produced their own threefold use of the law. In particular, Calvin’s three uses of the so-called ‘moral law’ became standard Reformed teaching. Large claims have been made for this system – ‘well-developed’, ‘well-known’, ‘a consistent doctrine’, and such like. We shall see! The big question, however, is, is it scriptural?
Before I examine Calvin’s third use – which is the most significant for my book, as it was in his own writings and system – I glance at his first and second uses. First, Calvin claimed, the law prepares sinners for Christ, and leads them to him. Secondly, he said, the law restrains sin in the unregenerate.
Let me briefly examine these claims.

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