Letters of Samuel Rutherford (Complete and Unabridged) 18 of 64


The original publication of Rutherford's Letters came just three years after Rutherford's death. Robert M'Ward hoped to strengthen the hands of the persecuted Covenanters with the publication of his preface and the release of Rutherford's Letters.

It is very interesting to note that when these letters were first published in 1664 (note the date, just shortly after the great ejection), the book was titled Joshua Redivivus (i.e. revived--RB) or Mr. Rutherford's Letters Divided into Two Parts.

The First, Containing those Which were Written from Aberdeen, Where He was Confined by a Sentence of the High Commission, Drawn Forth Against Him, Partly on the Account of His Declining them, Partly Upon the Account of His Non-conformity.

The Second, Containing, Some Which were Written from Anworth, Before He was by the Prelates Persecution Thrust from His Ministry; and Others Upon Diverse Occasions Afterward from St. Andrews, London, etc. Now Published, for the Use of All the People of God; But More Particularly, for Those Who Now Are, or Afterward May Be Put to Suffering for Christ and His Cause; By a Well Wisher (Robert M'Ward--RB) to the Work of the People of God.

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