The Savior Rejected


The Savior: Rejected and Resurrected - Message 1 - The Savior Rejected - Acts 2:22-23. The Triumphal Entry - We celebrate it on Sunday as we gather for worship, but it actually happened on Monday. This was the very day that the Passover Lamb was chosen by Jewish families and brought into the house. Jesus entered Jerusalem and was proclaimed by the people to be their King. They cried out "Hosanna" which means "Save Now" and was a fulfillment of Psalm 118. A few days later that same week, on Friday, Jesus would be illegally tried, wrongly convicted, and executed by crucifixion on the hill called Golgotha. The Savior who had been sent to seek and save that which was lost would be rejected, just as the Scripture prophesied.

Sermon ID 43232348516858
Duration 53:41
Date Apr 2, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Acts 2:22-23; Psalm 118:22-24
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