[04/30/2023 AM] - "Jesus Cleanses the Temple" - Mark 11:11-22

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This Lord's day we will come into the house of the Lord to worship Him, for His glory. As we do so Mr. Anthony Sato will lead us for the morning worship and Rev. John Gorter for the evening worship. It looks like both AM and PM sermons will be previews of where we will be going in our Mark series.

In the morning Mr. Sato will bring us to consider the Lord cleansing the temple at Mark 11.11-22. It will be a blessing for our congregation to hear Anthony exhort from a pulpit for the first time. Pray for our brother as the Lord works through Him!

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:11-22
Text: Mark 11:11-22
Message: "Jesus Cleanses The Temple"

Apr 30, 2023
Sunday Service
Mark 11:11-22
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