[04/23/2023 AM] - "Marriage, NOT Divorce" - Mark 10:1-12

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We return to our series through Mark at 10.1-12. Our society has raced downhill since "no-fault" divorce was enacted decades ago but that "easy" divorce was surely one main cause of our on-going downfall. The Lord has a very different Word about divorce. The context and situation of this text is very interesting and will help us understand the significance of the text. Pray for His glory though this clear teaching.

Scripture Reading: Mark 10:1-12
Text: Mark 10.1-12
Message: "Marriage, NOT Divorce"

Theme: God created male and female for marriage, not divorce

  1. Geography and the Pharisees' trap – church, beware!

  2. The Mosaic "allowance" abrogated – church, repent!

  3. Jesus confronts the trap and pulls no punches – church, pray!

Apr 23, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 10:1-12
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