Reaping and Sowing

In 2 Corinthians 8–9, Paul encourages the Corinthians
(and us!) with 6 demonstrations of generosity flowing
from those who have received God's grace in Christ.
As receivers of God's grace in Christ:
I. The Macedonians gave generously from their
poverty (8:1–6).
II. You should be ready to give generously from your
abundance (8:7–15).
III. Titus and the brothers are earnest and trustworthy
receivers of your generous gift (8:16–24).
IV. You should be ready with your gift so we are not
humiliated by our confidence in you (9:1–5).
V. God's grace abounds to you so you can cheerfully
sow with blessing from your sufficiency and
receive an increase in your harvest of
righteousness (9:6–10).
VI. Thanksgiving and glory to God for his grace in
Christ (an indescribable gift!) will overflow from
your gospel-fueled submission and generosity

Apr 28, 2024
Sunday Service
2 Corinthians 8-9
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