Vote For Marriage: One Man. One Woman

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Please listen to the entire message and please do not misunderstand anything I have said in this message. I am not angry. I am not advocating for physical force or any form of child abuse. That is absurd. I did not speak with the clarity a preacher should speak with--please forgive me for my lack of clarity. Blogs are misappropriating only a portion of the message. I cannot keep that from happening, but I trust you will understand that my intent was to emphasize the importance of gender distinctions with hyperbole. If I have offended you please forgive me. If the Word of God has offended you I cannot apologize for the Bible. Those who know me know my passion is being misunderstood by the LGBT community.

Sermon ID 42912940300
Duration 54:54
Date Apr 29, 2012
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Genesis 1:26-28; Genesis 2:15-25; Mark 10:1-9
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