The State of the Church Address

Featured on Sep 27, 2007

Virginia Tech. Psycho Killer. 24/7 media coverage to desentize us to real evil. A church with duct tape over her mouth. Where is this all taking us? How are we to respond as Christians? Someone asked me after this sermon, "What can we do?"

God's word is clear. We must be FAITHFUL. Just faithful. It may mean scorn. It may mean persecution. It may mean death. But faithfulness is what God requires in times like these. Will we believe in the power of God and the means of grace? Or will we completely forsake him altogether?

Let this sermon be a wake up call to the churches of the western world. Great evil has come to our shores and if we will not speak the truth, there is no hope for our culture.

Sermon ID 42907184753
Duration 44:42
Date Apr 29, 2007
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Jeremiah 17:4-14
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