What Happened In That Spot? Jesus likes that spot. What does He want us to know?


Genesis 15, Why are the TWO Birds not divided?

Leviticus 14, TWO Bird ceremony for the cleansing of the Healed Leper.

No one is ever Healed from Leprosy... except for Naaman in 2 Kings 5.
He's dipped in the Jordan, and then he wants TWO mule loads of dirt.

In 2 Kings 6 we see the borrowed Axe head is lost then raised... also in the Jordan River, at the exact same spot.

And in Joshua 4 and 5 the Ark crosses the Jordan... and they were told to raise TWO 12 stone memorial towers... also at that exact spot. (What is so important about this spot? Well... if you listen to our pastor's April 2020 lectures, he helps us understand what happened first at that spot.)

But wait, there's more! So far, that's just an overview of what we've uncovered in the last several lectures. All of this, because the two birds in Genesis 15 were not divided. It is extraordinary in its impact and very important for any student of the Bible to understand.

Now, how does he know that all these things happened in the same spot? It's Matthew 3:16 where God in the flesh chooses to be baptized. But how do we know it's the exact same spot? Because John tells us. That's the place of the crossing. Pastor explains it better. And there's more, but again, I can't do it justice.

Then there's the TWO ordinances, and TWO stone tablets.

These TWO's are all memorials in some way, and...

All of these are TWO that Testify... Testify = Evidence being presented... in a trial. Because... a crime has occurred. When, Where, What, Why, How and Who?

Then there's the capstone... TWO Witnesses.

That's the introduction. Now we can start the lecture. It's about Miriam. Yep... more leprosy!

Feb 15, 2009
Sunday Service
2 Kings 5; Numbers 12
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