The Collapse of Civil Government & Revenge - Judges 15


When civil government is weak or non-existent OR is corrupt or abusive, dispensing immorality and injustice - the other governments will try to fill the void. Self-government and family government will try to protect self and family and restore order in society.

This sermon examines the situation in the days of Judges and Samson and draws comparison to our day in America and the West.

The sermon takes time to address the prevalent form of Christianity in America as taught by John MacArthur and the vast majority of America's churchmen.

When civil government reaches a certain point of lawlessness - men will coalesce under family government and self government and church government to protect themselves and their families. And men are right to do so.
48 min. MercySeat.net
YouTube and GAB channels under the name "Defy Tyrants" and under the name "Matt Trewhella."

Recorded Apr 18, 2021
Published Apr 22, 2021
Bible Text Judges 15; Romans 12:17
Event Sunday Service
Sermon ID 42221137132815
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