Seminar #1: Parenting is More Than a Formula, Pt 1


Parents are looking for a formula which will guarantee their kids will turn out right:

  1. Educational/schooling formulas
  2. Parenting formulas (books by Ezzo's, Pearl's, Gothard's, Christian psychologists, etc.)
  3. Church-based formulas (Sunday School, AWANA, children's programs, or rejection of all separate children's ministry in favor of Family-Integrated-Church formula, etc.)

Most of the formulas have some strengths, but all have some weaknesses and problems. Many parents go from formula to formula looking for THE answer. This message urges discernment and warns against legalism and judging others who aren't on the same formulas. As a seasoned shepherd and counselor, Dr. Newheiser speaks from decades of watching trends and tendencies and learning from his own mistakes. He graciously challenges our formulas and dependence on man and urges a dependence on sovereign grace as we pursue what the Bible commands (which is enough without the commands of man added). Part 1 of 2.

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Duration 50:20
Date Apr 20, 2013
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