Everyone Has A Cup


Everyone Has A Cup

Everybody has a cup! (Psalms 11:6)

Everybody has a cup that the Lord pours into.

What He pours in it... will depend on your position with Him.

David's cup overflowed...

Jesus' cup was poured into, and His portion should have been mine, but that my portion could be something better than I deserved.

The wicked/wrong have their portion.

A portion of the wicked was poured into Jesus cup on my behalf.

"Shall I not drink the cup which My Father has given Me." ~ Jesus

(John 18:11)

Think about it. If faithful friends (like Peter) can unintentionally mislead a loving friend (like Jesus), by unknowingly suggesting a spirit of rebellion toward what is right (accepting what the Father has given)... why would we ever expect anything better from those who are NOT friends of our Father's choices. I'm glad Jesus didn't let His table buddies manipulate Him to question the love, wisdom, purpose and priority of His Father. Had He let them, all we would've had was another brat claiming his personal rights and not a cross bearing warrior who drank what His Father put in HIS cup. And part of that cup was to fulfill His Father's will among a world of rebels.

Rebellion is an inherited disposition we're all born with... and the foolishness of this pride is only driven away by consistent, compassionate and constructive discipline.

But rebellion is too often encouraged, commended and solidified by parents who give their arrows more wiggle room than they deserve. Children, like a limb on a tree, are bent and twisted and have all sorts of knots. They need shaping and molding, and to be reminded that life is not [ONLY] about them and their rights.

I love what Jesus

Apr 21, 2022
Sunday Service
John 18:11; Psalm 23
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