Asking The Right Questions


Asking The Right Questions

Asking The Right Questions the Right Way

Sometimes asking a simple question, like this, "What is He NOT saying in this passage?" can help us see and understand more clearly what the passage is actually saying. For an example: Jesus told Peter, "If I desire that he (John) remain till I come, what is it to you? You (Peter) follow Me."

So, lets ask the question,

What did Jesus NOT say?

1. He didn't say He did not want Peter concerned about John and his personal life and witness. This is important because fellowship and accountability are fundamental to God's people, especially those growing in grace. We need to be involved in the life of those Jesus gave His life to redeem. We must always remember—there are NO LONE RANGERS in the body of Christ... NONE! Also, keep in mind, it was Peter who, just moments earlier, was admonished by Christ to tend and care for His sheep. Why? Caring is part of the duty of the disciples and characteristic of our King and His kingdom. Jesus deeply cares for the wellbeing of His flock.

2. He didn't say John wasn't going to die. No doubt, this is how it was interpreted by those who were standing around and heard Jesus speaking to Peter. But that's not what He said. John wasn't going to die like Peter but he, too, would eventually die. But Jesus said, "If I will... what is it to you, you follow Me."

3. And He didn't say when He was coming, He simply stated, "till I come..."

So, what then did He say?

His message to Peter was simple, "Peter, you follow Me. You are going to suffer and die for Me, and through your personal suffering and death — (which you will not have to endure alone, for I am with until) — you

Apr 21, 2022
Sunday Service
John 16; John 18
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