Beauty On Display


Beauty On Display

It's just as a stunning and profound thought that God placed upon Jesus, everything that was beautiful, everything that was apparently pleasurable in His eye, he placed it upon Him. The Scriptures tell us "even before time begin the glory which Thou has given Me. He says, I give them. I give My people that they may be one." Think about that for a moment. Let's use that for an example. And John 17:22, and that which is makes God beautiful Thou has given Me and I have given that to them, amen. He has given us everything needful, as Peter would say, for godliness, and for life, we have it when he imparted unto us the divine nature. When hHe given us Himself and the glory which You have given Me, I've given them. Turn to Acts 14, Acts 14, let's look at these passages today, as we think on that light, that which is beautiful, apparently pleasurable, that which makes God beautiful. I've always been intrigued and and blessed by these teachable moments that we find in the Word of God. And you know, the Scriptures teach us that we're to use everything in life as a teachable moment. The Scripture says, Redeem the time, take advantage of every opportunity, use it as a, a moment to reinforce that which makes God beautiful, that glorifies Him.

Being spent for God's glory…

What made him and others, like Paul and the New Testament disciples, different?

Join me as we look a Acts 14 and glean from the servants of God, those who were spent for His glory.

  1. Their DEVOTION has no limits.
  2. Their DILIGENCE is not affected by rejection.
  3. Their DUTY is not driven by praise.
  4. Their DELIGHT is not fed by convenience.

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Apr 20, 2022
Sunday - AM
Acts 14; John 17:22
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