Crouching Sin, Hidden Anger


Only one generation removed from the Fall of man, Original Sin rears its ugly head, manifesting itself in a vicious, brutal killing. Original Sin resident within each of us (the sinful nature) is continually lurking in our hearts as well. If left unchecked, it will either erupt in an alarming outpouring of violence resulting in devastating loss of life, or the more 'acceptable' version of murder where seething hostility seeps into our conversations and interactions with others systematically crushing the spirit and killing those around us. That reality forces us to take a look at our hearts and see our need of a Savior and One who alone is able to conquer our hearts.

God gives us a glimpse into our own hearts as we see the story of Cain

Sermon ID 418081328149
Duration 46:18
Date Apr 22, 2007
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Genesis 4:1-16
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