Life After Death Pt. 2: Why Do Some Evangelicals (Stott, Pinnock, etc.) Deny Jesus' Teachings on Hell?

Why do some evangelicals deny Jesus' teaching on hell?

In this mini-series on death and the afterlife (part of the larger Understanding Revelation series) we will look at what the Bible says about these questions, among others:

If God is altogether good, why is there death? Or is Satan responsible for death?

But why would the Lord let him do that?

Why would a good god condemn people to hell forever? (Some famous evangelical leaders don't think He does!)

What happens to the Christian when he or she dies? The unbeliever?

Is there such a thing as reincarnation?


Is heaven real? Is hell real?

After you die, do you have the opportunity to believe in Christ for salvation?

What are our loved ones doing in heaven right now? Are they conscious or asleep?

Or are their souls extinguished?

Is death the end of life? If not, do the dead remember their time on earth? Do they remember their loved ones?
Do they know what is going on in their lives?

Do the dead communicate with the living? Do they guide or protect them?

Can we the living contact the dead, through prayers, mediums, meditation, seances or in some other way?

What about ghosts and hauntings - are they real or just some people's overactive imaginations?

If ghosts are real, are they the spirits of the dead?

The Lord willing, over the next few sermons we will look at what the Bible says about these questions, for our instruction, warning and encouragement.

Apr 8, 2007
Sunday Service
Revelation 7:13-17
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