Christ is the Savior of the Body


We look to many people to rescue us from danger and trouble. Firemen, policemen, EMT medics, doctors, or just a kind and strong passerby.

But they are not always able to save the people who cry out to them for help. In our community, we have heard just this week of a poor woman whose car was swept off the highway by high waters, submerged upside down in the ditch, with water pouring in upon her.

She called her husband to beg him to come save her. He called her again and she told him she knew she would not survive. She poured out her heart, telling him she loved him, and she loved her family.

And then she died, before anyone could arrive to rescue her. She cried out to her own husband to save her, but he was unable to.

All this should cause believers to rejoice at the power and glory of Christ our Savior, and how He saves us perfectly and forever!

Unlike that poor man who couldn't save his wife, our Savior never loses any of His loved ones!

That poor man had no plan to save his wife, for how could he? He had no ability, because he didn't even know where his wife was to save her. He didn't know what danger to plan for, and couldn't possibly be prepared when she cried out to him.

Not so our Lord Jesus!

The Apostle Peter informs us that we are redeemed by the precious blood of Christ, God's perfect Lamb, Who was foreordained to save us before the foundation of the world!

Christ's means, power, ability, and determination to save His loved ones were all planned before the world even began!

Jesus planned ahead to save us, to pay the price of our redemption!

In the Revelation, John tells us that the Lamb was indeed slain before the foundation of the world!

Apr 14, 2024
Sunday Service
Ephesians 5:23-30; John 6:39-40
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