James 4 Part 6: You Know Better


Knowing here is reflective, meaning: to "know by way of reflection." As in, something you already knew, being self-evident.
Most often times, we fail to consider the plain meaning of scripture, and then apply it to ourselves, in such a way as to hold ourselves accountable to obey what would be obvious, to any honest reader of The Bible.
A simple reflection upon God's truth, and what is already known therein would, and should, turn up in our conscience the obvious dereliction in our duties.
It's one thing to sin in darkness where men like to hide, that is plenty wicked and grievous enough, but it's another thing to sin openly and defiantly in the light, with your hand held high.
It's one thing to sin in your shame, sin is a shameful thing, but to glory in what you should have found shame in, what greater vileness is there than this?

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Duration 55:35
Date Feb 16, 2020
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text James 4:16-17
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