Reasons to Praise

Reasons to Praise

He gives us every reason to praise and live for Him.

Remember this:

The platform of praise is obedience (Proverbs 28:4)

As with the words that describes missing the mark with God they're a handful of words used to describe what it means to praise God.

Let's talk about how the Bible speaks of what happens when we sin.

He uses serval WORDS to describe our sin in Psalm 51. Words like iniquity, transgressions (trespass), and sin, and in Psalm 32, God gives us another word, guile. All these are speaking of sin, just at different angles... and I wanted to take a minute to explain them in a way that will help you see how God sees them.

(The LITERAL act of trespassing, what we did when we crossed the boundary that God gave us. The word picture is that of "spreading the legs" as in intentionally and knowingly "crossing" a known line.)

INIQUITY = WHY we did it.
(The wickedness in us that motivated and moved us to act upon our own self-centered ways and neglect the clear boundaries that God gave.)

GUILE = HOW we did it.
(We deceitfully crossed the line to meet our own selfish needs without being noticed or caught. Therefore, not only did the wickedness within us move us to take what was not ours but it misguided us to do it with deception or guile. )

SIN = WHAT we didn't do.
(What did we not do, when we acted wickedly and deceptively? We didn't glorify God with our thoughts or our actions and therefore, we missed the mark with the Lord. SIN simply means missing the mark... and it speaks more of what we didn't do than what we did.)

REPENTANCE = What we do.
(When we trust the Lord in repentance, what we do is glorify H

Apr 12, 2024
Sunday - PM
Psalm 9; Psalm 45
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