Is It I?

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the reason for the hope of our resurrection. This hope is not wishful thinking, it is the expectation of certainty we have that Christ will certainly fulfill His promise to raise all those who believe in Him.
Just as Christ is alive unto to God forever in righteousness, we should also live unto to God in righteousness. Like Christ is dead to sin, we too should be dead to sin. Righteousness should be the hallmark of our testimony, not sin. If you are born again, alive in Christ, and are looking forward to the resurrection, then you should live like it.
When Jesus said, "One of you which eateth with me shall betray me," He was indicating that one of the twelve who ate with Him, lived with Him, ministered with Him, and fellowshipped with Him would betray Him. At this statement, "they began to be sorrowful, and to say unto him one by one, Is it I?" Judas was not the only who asked, Is it I. Each one asked, Is it I.
Two betrayals took place that last night with Jesus after they ate Passover meal. Do what those two betrayals were? There is good news to know about from one of the betrayers. This lesson will show you why and how you can be blessed too.

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00:00 Happy New Year
01:00 The Resurrection Proof
05:03 The Resurrection Application
10:54 Fake Believers
11:56 The Betrayal
15:14 The Question To Ask

Mar 31, 2024
Mark 14:17-21; Romans 12:1-2
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