FPC70#3 Church Protest and Gospel Mission

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In what is considered to be the first protest outside a church, 30 evangelical men from Lissara Presbyterian Church, Crossgar, led by Rev Ian Paisley, paraded and protested against the arrogance of the Down Presbytery and their effective banning of the Gospel Campaign. The placards had been quickly prepared – and summarised the issue at hand:

'Down Presbytery Bans Gospel Campaign'

'I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ'

'Down Presbytery Refuses to Stand by Crossgar Session's Decision'

'Church Elders Suspended'

'Campaign Will Continue in Mission Hall.'

That Mission did continue in the Mission Hall and almost 100 souls professed faith in Christ as a result.

Recorded Apr 12, 2021
Published Apr 12, 2021
Bible Text Romans 1:16
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