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Salvation means different things to different people. The biblical term (soteria) "means deliverance, preservation, victory, and health, and it refers to material and temporal deliverance, as well as personal, national, temporal and eternal triumph." In paganism, salvation is escapism. In liberalism, salvation means escape from unpleasant circumstances, including such things as burnt toast according to one pastor! In Marxist idealism, salvation is liberation from restrictive political and economic circumstances. In some quarters of fundamentalism and evangelicalism, salvation means catastrophic fire insurance. In Scripture, salvation is deliverance, but it's more - much more. Salvation is not only deliverance from; it is especially deliverance TO. To be saved means "baptism into Christ and his kingdom; it means obedience to His law, fellowship with His saints in the Church, and a common service to the acknowledged king, and much more" (Rushdoony). "Protestant Christians ought therefore to celebrate the grace of God their Savior unto them by noting carefully from what they have been saved and to what they are called. Their method of apologetics should be in line with their theology" (Van Til). Salvation begins with God, the solo and sovereign Creator, Provider and Savior...

Apr 11, 2010
Sunday - AM
Isaiah 45:15-22
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