The First Resurrection: God's Word and Messenger Vindicated


Here Elijah performs a sign, not for the purpose of proving God’s power, or for the purpose of comforting the widow directly, but for the purpose of vindicating the word of God and the messenger of God, vindicating God as the God who lives and gives life, and vindicating God’s word to a Gentile. Remember, the last chapter ended with Israel rejecting the word of God. This chapter ends with a Gentile embracing the word of God! Truly, our God works in mysterious ways. We see these truths in the one-two punch of God’s revelation. The first part of this revelation consists in the death of the widow’s son; the second, in his resurrection to new life. Finally, of course, the point of the sign is revealed in the widow’s words to Elijah: the point was to vindicate God’s word and prophet. Jesus' resurrection vindicated the truth of God's word and the identity of His prophet. You won't be ready for the final resurrection unless you trust God's word and Prophet!

Sermon ID 4117142796
Duration 22:58
Date Apr 2, 2017
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text 1 Kings 17:17-24
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