Why Jesus Came


Sometimes in life things happen that are so painful or difficult to bear, and in those times, we may wonder why. "Why did God let this happen?" But in those moments, we may fail to see the bigger picture. We may not understand. And, indeed, we may never fully understand in this life. But with time and with the illumination of the Holy Spirit, we begin to understand a bit more of the depth of God's plans and purposes.
The things you experience are for a greater purpose. Though they may feel unbearable at the time, there is a purpose.

Jesus came to BE your comfort.
Jesus came to BE your strength.
Jesus came to BE your hope.
Jesus came to BE your life.
Jesus came to BE your light.
Jesus came to BE your salvation.
Jesus came to overcome death and the grave.

Everything that is so significant about Jesus. . .which is everything. . .is IN HIM.

Whatever you may be enduring, Jesus loves you and he can help you!

Mar 31, 2024
Sunday Service
John 11:1-53; Romans 8:28
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