"The Golden Scepter Held Forth"


Our next message from Esther, titled, "The Golden Scepter Held Forth." Last time, we saw Mordecai sending word to Esther that Haman was planning the death of all the Jews in all 127 provinces of the Persian empire. Now, we see Esther finally taking the stand she needs, to attempt to save her people. As she approaches the king, will he extend his scepter to her? YES! We consider our topic under these headings 1) The Golden Scepter Held Forth, 2) A Feast in Humility, and 3) Hang 'im High! As always I claim no originality but will quote, cite, refer, etc, to various sources including; Ortland, Duguid, Gregory, Baldwin, Cain, and Carson.

Sermon ID 37231524152658
Duration 34:07
Date Feb 19, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Esther 5
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