Hebrews Part 21

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INTRO: It is much longer until we got back into Hebrews 4 than I had expected, but we are there. I have mentioned to you that I believe that the "rest" spoken of a few times in chapter 3 and more times in chapter 4 refers to the millennium. This is when the Lord will give His people rest. I further believe that Canaan is a picture of the millennium. One may think Canaan is a picture of heaven, but Canaan was not a perfect place. But Israel did rest there. They never moved from this land to another, unless by force and then they always sought to go back. They never left this land except when God punished them by allowing them to be taken out of the land. Israel out of the land is like a fish out of water. The millennium is not a perfect place, but it is a place of rest.

Somewhere in the past I gave you an assignment to find out if the "rest" mentioned here refers to the millennium. Pastor Daryl did quite an assignment and gave interesting information indicating that he believes this rest indeed refers to the millennium.

Now let me ask you this question: What did the OT saints look forward to? What was, and is still their hope? Has anybody here read in the Bible what their hope was? Did they look forward to going to heaven? Did they look forward to being caught up with Christ? What did they look forward to?

Now let me come back to the question regarding what the OT people looked forward to. In January of this year the news outlet, "Israel Today," had an article called, "Jewish Expectation and Christian Hope." It says this:

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Date Mar 5, 2023
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Bible Text Hebrews 4:1-10
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