God's Decree and Man's Folly

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In God's Decree played out throughout human history, we find a glimpse of His divine Omniscience. In other words, we can understand the Wisdom of God in hindsight when looking at the past through the lens of the Gospel and Scripture.

Every millisecond of our lives is not outside of God's control because He has declared the end from the beginning, meaning that all things in between the beginning and end are also within His decree.

Every word I am saying, every breath I take, from all the people at this moment dying, to the first cries of the newborn baby, all exist because of the decree of God.

Meaning that all things have a purpose, and are working towards the counsel of His good will. ALL THINGS means all things, we all know the verse.

Therefore we can only understand the Wisdom of God within His decree through salvation and the power of the Gospel.

Hindsight is only 20/20 when you perceive it through the correct lens.

For the worldly man, in all of his glory can not perceive the purposes of God throughout His decree.

He can only gain a fallen understanding a perspective enough to condemn but not to save.

Meaning that men when trying to understand History outside of God's providence (that is ordained and brought about for a purpose) cannot and will not make sense of History and in effect create a fictional realm of wisdom that leads not to repentance but to a hardened heart.

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Duration 1:09:49
Date Mar 5, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text 1 Corinthians 1:18-25
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