Thoughts for the Afflicted

This was written shortly after the fall of Jerusalem, when the nation was taken captive by the Chaldeans. Jeremiah was commissioned to deliver the word of the Lord to the people, calling them to repent. But they would not repent, and they did not want to listen to Jeremiah. Jeremiah loved his nation and the people. To lament is to express deed sorrow and regret.

Jesus was a Man of Sorrows and acquainted with grief. But we can thank God for His compassions. God delights in mercy in giving us Christ. In the midst of this dark book, we are given a brillant gem of encouragement. In verse 19 Jeremiah changes his lamentation to prayer and then gives reasons for hope.

Our text has 9 verses. Each set of 3 has a theme that goes together. That is the same throughout this chapter and sometimes that theme flows into the next set as well. Let's consider these 3 sets of 3 verses. The 1st set has regard to Remembrance. (verses 19-21) The 2nd set has regard has regard to persevering faith in the right contemplation of God. (verses 22-24) And the 3rd set has regard to our waiting see the fruit of our hope in God. (verses 24-27) God's promises are always good. You just have to wait for them. Waiting is the normal duty of all of God's children in all ages when they are under affliction.

Mar 4, 2024
Sunday - AM
Lamentations 3:19-27; Matthew 11:28-30
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