Analysis of Hank Hanegraaff & Norman Geisler vs. Walter Martin on Romanism 1

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Walter Martin as one of his personal "heroes of the faith" & his inspiration for starting his own Christian apologetics ministry 30 years ago. Walter Martin is the founder of the "Christian Research Institute" which was later taken over by Hank Hanegraaff after Walter's death in 1989. Wessels has used "Walter Martin's Cults Reference Bible" (published 1981, KJV version) in virtually every TV show he has ever produced. Walter Martin is the author of many books including the classic, "The Kingdom of the Cults" (others are: "The Roman Catholic Church in History," "Jehovah of the Watchtower," "The Maze of Mormonism," "The Rise of the Cults," "The Riddle of Reincarnation," "The New Cults," "The New Age Cult," etc. including a section of the book, "The Agony of Deceit" entitled, "Ye Shall Be as Gods" (see our 5 hour video series entitled, "Agony of the Phony Word-Faith TV Preachers" on Youtube which covers what Walter had to say about TBN, Kenneth Copeland, & others). In Walter's 1960 CRI book, "The Roman Catholic Church in History" (we have a seven page review of this book available to those wishing a free copy through our ministry; we also possess a copy of the book) Martin states concerning the Roman papacy, "To study the papacy is to learn a valuable lesson - to learn that when we surrender to men what we are commanded to surrender only to the Holy Spirit, spiritual tyranny & slavery of the human mind & the souls of men can come about." (page 23). "The Roman Catholic Church has therefore taken the very title of God Himself & has bestowed it upon sinful men." (page 9). "There is a direct contradiction between the office of the Papacy and the office of the Holy Spirit."

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Date Dec 30, 2011
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