Restore Us O Lord: 2023 Retiring Moderator's Sermon


The Spring 2023 retiring moderator's address to the Great Lakes Gulf Presbytery of the RPCNA.

Intro: A season of troubles in the Great Lakes Gulf Presbytery

I. A Plea of Faith (1-3) 
A. A sweet confession: shepherd (1)
B. God is present and experienced in troubles (1b-2)
C. A Plea to stir up and save (3)

II. A Posture of Brokenness (4-13,16)
A. Spiritual depression (4-5)
B. A broken witness (6)
C. Illustration of a garden (7-13, 16)

III. A Promise of Visitation (14-15; 17-19) 
A. Refrain: restoration and benediction 
B. Christ-centered promise (His church) (14)
C. Then we will not turn from you (opposite of 2) (18)
D. Revive and restore (18)
E. Refrain (19)

Sermon ID 332312106395
Duration 45:19
Date Mar 2, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Psalm 80
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