The Worst Part of Christ’s Suffering

Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ:
Jesus truly loved you and he showed it. He obeyed his Father throughout his life for you, he was betrayed for you, abandoned for you, denied for you, falsely accused for you, condemned
by the religious leaders for you, tried and innocently condemned by civil leaders for you, endured mental and physical tortures for you, and faced the painful cross for you and died there.

But all these things were still not enough to satisfy his Father's anger against you– so bad your sins were! Jesus needed to be punished more, with the worst punishment imaginable: He had to be forsaken by the Father. This is our focus today.

Our headings are:

  1. Jesus was forsaken for you: Seen
  2. Jesus was forsaken for you: Heard

Our goals are:
That you will be reduced to sadness and tears when you know what you truly deserved, but you will rejoice with gladness and tears of joy when you see what the Lord Jesus endured for you.

Mar 31, 2024
Sunday Service
Mark 15:33-41
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