God's Grace Gets a Hold of Jacob

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In this chapter Jacob departs from Beersheba at his father's command and travels to Haran to find a wife. The events of chapter 27 form the backdrop to Jacob's leaving home. A sad as the fractures in Jacob's home were, the Lord would use it for Jacob's ultimate good by taking him out of that situation to where He could begin to work more directly in Jacob's life.

Whereas 'deception' was a fitting one-word summary for chapter 27, the word that could summarize this chapter (Chap. 28) would be 'grace'. We see the hand of God's grace at work in Jacob's life to get him started on his own personal walk of faith. What is recorded in this chapter is by no means the end of God's gracious dealings with Jacob. There was much work to go transform Jacob into Israel but in many ways, it marks the real starting point of Jacob's personal relationship with Almighty God.

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Duration 1:14:15
Date Apr 2, 2023
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Genesis 28
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