There is Therefore Now No Condemnation, Part 2


At every opportunity, the inspired apostle magnifies the grace and mercy of the God of heaven and earth. This is especially so here in the first four verses of Romans 8. Paul emphasizes the utter inability of our fallen nature to do what is required of all humans. That is, to do what God has revealed and do so perfectly. But being a good preacher and faithful to the core of the gospel message, he focuses us not on ourselves, but upon what has been accomplished in us with the incarnation and sin-bearing of the Only-Begotten Son of God, our Savior. We certainly gain an eternal blessing from this divine initiative, but the glory is all His. And when we receive this eternal blessing, it is not merely future, but the Holy Spirit changes our nature as well as applies the finished work of Christ. Where at one time we were incapable of even desiring to be obedient, the Christian has a regenerated nature now, and the operating principle which was death before regeneration has now been transformed into life in the Spirit; all of this of merciful divine grace. What a Savior! – Pastor Schlegel

Sermon ID 32623194374552
Duration 42:52
Date Mar 19, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Romans 8:3-4
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