Socinians, Arminians and Our Confession


God's Decree

Paragraph 2

How can the free actions of free creatures be known by God beforehand. So the Socinians have concluded that God's Decree is conditional based on what man would do – and God's Decree is a plan in process.

God's decree is certain and absolute – but only certain and absolute because God looked ahead and foresaw what would happen. For instance, God looks ahead and sees who will choose him – and then ratifies that choice. God's decree doesn't come first – but man's choice.

Our Confession
Refutes both the Socinian and Arminian position – based on the primacy of God's Decree.

The Question of the Order of the Decrees
This launches a discussion that continues in following weeks regarding Supralapsarianism and Infralapsarianism

Recorded Feb 21, 2010
Published Mar 25, 2010
Bible Text Romans 9:11-18
Event Sunday Service
Sermon ID 32510184471
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